Success Stories

Not being one to turn down a good challenge, we work hard to insure the success of our clients.  Listen to what some people have to say about the results of working alongside Joel Raab Country Radio/Media...

“I have worked with every major consultant in the radio industry, and Joel is without a doubt the best! He is a great strategist, a Selector wizard, a good writer and very creative. In addition to his professional skills he is a great guy. He has been a true partner in the success we have had in Portland. Bottom line, if you’re in a competitive battle and want to win, Joel Raab should be on your team.”

Mike Moore , OM, Entercom, Portland and Entercom Director of Country Programming

“When we decided to change format to Country, I knew there was only one consultant I wanted to work with- Joel Raab. I knew that Joel would help us with all aspects of the launch and really be a partner in the station's success. All of that has been acheived and the station has out-performed our expectations. I would highly recommend Joel without reservation.”

Tim Huelsing, VP/GM South Central Communications, Evansville, Indiana

“I've had the pleasure of working with Joel on several occasions, and found him to be the best sort of consultant--agenda-free, perceptive and able to synthesize information and distill it to the most actionable information for the benefit of his clients. He never brings the same "bag of tricks" to each situation, but rather makes use of his wisdom and experience to gauge each situation differently and deliver unique solutions to drive ratings.”

Tom Webster , Vice President, Strategy and Marketing , Edison Media Research

“I've really enjoyed working with Joel on every client project we've shared. Not only does he know the Country format inside and out, he is excellent on focusing clients on strategy and branding. Joel is an outstanding consultant; I will always support his hiring by one of my clients.”

Warren Kurtzman , Vice President , Coleman Insights

“Joel is a BIG part of the team here at KICKS 99 in Augusta, GA. I would highly recommend him to take your station to the next level! He was very instrumental in helping KICKS 99 win the CMA Small Market Station of the Year award.”

T. Gentry, Operations Manager, Beasley Broadcasting, Augusta, Georgia

"Joel Raab Continues to be a tremendous asset to WXTU. His strategic guidance and vision in today's rapidly changing radio environment are key elements to our success. Joel is truly a great partner to us."

Natalie Conner, Vice President and General Manager, Beasley Philadelphia